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New Beginnings

For me this is a season on new beginnings. I’m currently completing my funeral training with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, learning from the brilliant Terri Negus that I trained with for my Family Celebrancy. 

When I first thought about becoming a celebrant, I remember feeling strongly that I didn’t want to be a funeral celebration as I was worried that I wasn’t emotionally ready. Providing support to a family during a time of great loss means creating a space for them to feel safe, held and heard. And 6 years ago I didn’t think I could be that person. 

But now 6 years on, with more than 50 weddings and family celebrations, and the loss of loved ones dear to me, I know I have now grown into that person. The person who can listen, who can suggest and advise, during the time that it’s needed most. I’m still learning so much and am really excited about what’s next for me in my celebrant journey. 

I’ll still be performing weddings and other family celebrations but I’ve decided it’s time to explore what might be possible. They say that all your dreams should be a little bit scary. Well, this one certainly is, but this time, I know I’m ready.